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We specialize in creating networks in sporting activities and facilitate travelling logistics

Europu Interlink is a professional sporting agency that anchors on creating the link between football/soccer clubs across the world. We take pride in creating the necessary networks in participation in the major soccer tournaments, managing logistics in group travelling and the event itineraries

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Bookings for the Upcoming Events On Going By Various Academies

TVG Eastern Netherlands

U9 - U15

10th to 15th April 2020

FC Den Helder

U13 Only

5th - 10th June, 2020

Summer Camp Hoender

7 - 15 Years Old; Boys & Girls

9th to 14th August, 2020

Youth Football Camps and Academies

Why do we love football so much? And is this national sport worthy of so much devotion? The answer, decisively, is yes.

Football is one of the most physically demanding sports out there. From the grueling summer practices to the trying game-day rivalries, football challenges our youth to develop speed, strength, agility, cardiovascular endurance, and hand-eye coordination.

Youth love an adventure and soccer camp and academies provides just that. What could be more exciting for an inquisitive young mind than a trip abroad to hang out with kids of their own age while playing the game that they love? For many of the youth, a sports camp can provide the ultimate sense of adventure.

Of course, one of the main aims of any sports camp is to improve the skill of the players. Youth that attend our sports summer camps will benefit from training under the guidance of professional coaches, many of whom have worked at the highest level in the game. However many weeks your child spends at a football camp, they are sure to come away a better player. Also during the coaching sessions at soccer camps and academies, participants are not just taught how to become better players. They are also educated on values such a teamwork, fair play and sportsmanship. When combined with the cultural aspect of the experience and the sense of responsibility that is instilled, this can help children to develop on a personal level. Children often leave feeling more confident to take on whatever challenges they decide to face in life.

Being away from family makes children feel more grown up and as a result, they tend to adopt a more responsible attitude during their time at the camp. Of course, they may still feel the urge to have some extra fun away from the gaze of their parents but the daily routine of the camp helps them to understand the importance of self-control and time management. Sports camps are hosted in many different countries around the world. In our modern globalised society it can be important for young people to be exposed to other cultures, nationalities and languages. During our sports camps, they will get to spend time discovering the sights and sounds of the local area, sampling the food and meeting new people.

In a world dominated by smart phones, tablets, computer games and television, time spent at a soccer camp can encourage children to spend more time interacting with other people. They learn the importance of spending time outside and being active, and are only allowed to use their phones and the internet at certain times. The camps also have many communal areas where children can also interact with each other during their spare time.